February 19th, 2020


Book Critique - Candy Canes of Christmas Past (Lucy Stone Series #13.5)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: The simple flow of the plot, keeping it true to reality, charming family dynamics, gentle humor and subtle sarcasm at oneself keeps the reader intrigued and interested.

Candy Canes of Christmas Past is the third and final novella in the anthology Candy Cane Murder by Leslie Meier published in October of 2007, as part of her Lucy Stone series. She co-authored this anthology with Joanne Fluke and Laura Levine.

Lucy Stone happily settled in the remote town of Tinker's Cove in Maine with her husband Bill and children. A chance mention of her son about their first Christmas in Tinker's Cove almost 35 years ago, takes Lucy on a trip down the memory lane when she had solved a mysterious candy cane and a murder that had occurred decades ago.

Author Leslie takes the reader into a life set some 35 years ago when this book was written. Some of things jogged a lot of memories in my brain, making it a true trip for the readers as well.

Leslie shows the readers the simple dynamics of a young family settling during hard times, yet finding simple joy in doing daily things. Of course, there are times when both Lucy and Bill find at each other's throats, at times when Lucy almost gives up making effort to pursue Bill's dreams, or times when she gets tired of taking care of an active 2 yr old while being 6 months pregnant. 

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