February 16th, 2020


Book Critique - The Dangers Of Candy Canes

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Stars: 2.5 / 5

Recommendation: Way too much cozy and mundane, way less thrill of a mystery or romance for me in this book. Not my cup of tea, but could be for some of you who like this kind. 

The Dangers of Candy Canes is the second novella in the anthology Candy Cane Murder by Laura Levine published in October of 2007, as part of her Jaine Austen Mystery series. She co-authored this anthology with Joanne Fluke and Leslie Meier.

One of Jaine Austen's client Seymour Fiedler is being sued for a wrongful death by Seymour's client. Now Jaine is tasked to investigate the death of his client to clear his name. A freelance writer by profession, Jaine puts her amateur detective skills to use to help her client.

Jaine Austen seemed to be one of those ordinary gumshoes who always gets into trouble, have mis-steps and make wrong turns, yet in the end solve the crime. I could have accepted if that was all Jaine was. But Laura had to go and tie her to a cat from hell, a cat that was more a tyrant than a pet. As if that was not enough, she made Jaine malleable to puppy eyes and pleading tones, making her wide-open for manipulation by even teenagers. 

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53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #5

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Week 5 again takes me back to one of these drapes that I wore in 2019. 

A client I worked for a few years ago has this huge Diwali celebration at work where everyone in the company comes together to some much enjoyable music, dance, food and celebration of this wonderful festival of lights. This year, courtesy of a very very good friend of mine, I got invited as a guest.  Since my friend was co-chairing it, It was no surprising that the event took on a whole no form and was bigger than what I remember. It was an honor to share her success.

For the event, I wore this cream and black designer saree made of Jute Tussar Silk with soft Zari border with checks, that I borrowed from my mother. Tussar Silk also known as Kosa Silk is a very fine thread from a winged moth, Antheraea Paphia. Although the origin is still unknown, this silk is widely made in various parts of India. For this type of material that my saree was weaved it, the Tussar Silk is weaved in with Jute fibers giving the light golden sheen to the cloth. Also the blend makes the material soft to touch.

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