January 24th, 2020


53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #2

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Week 2 of this post takes me back to September of 2019. Yes, I will be posting a few pictures from 2019 as part of this journey. 

One of the biggest festivals for most Hindus all over the world is Dusshera which falls at the end of the 9-day festival of Navratri. It is a festival of celebrating good overcoming evil and coming out triumph. 

Apart from celebrating the festivities with family, friends, fun and food, we also enjoy it with dancing. One form is Garba, originated in Gujarat, but pretty much everyone in India dances to the beats of drums, regional tunes sung by vocalists and donning traditional attire, aping the culture and heritage from Gujarat. The dance is paired with long sticks to turn it into a second form of dance called Dandiya Raas.

Indian communities across the globe also enjoy Garba within their towns. Similarly we had a few Garba events in our town as well as in the neighboring towns. And yes, I went to one of the events with my parents and friends.

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