June 13th, 2019


Book Critique - Shelter in Place

Stars: 4 / 5

Recommendation: Nora Roberts in her original self again, with a thriller that has all shades of human mind giving chills, at the same time tinged with colors of romance and psychology.

Shelter in Place is the 79th stand-alone book by Nora Roberts, published in May of 2018. The central plot revolves around three people who had gone through a shooting massacre and how that life-threatening experience changed their lives and paths.

For some reason whenever I looked at the title of this book it reminded me of Shutter Island title. And made me worried that this might be closer to horror theme plot which I don’t read often. Finally I overcame the fear and read it a year after it was published. 

But again I should have realized that the title "Shelter in Place" means finding a safe location indoors in a crisis situation until "all clear" signal is given and that the central plot would be around a crime that is occurring way to common now in the western world. Well, anyways, finally here is my review.

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