June 5th, 2019


Book Critique - Come Sundown

Stars: 4 / 5

Recommendation: Finally Nora Roberts is back with her strong women and men with powerful story-line that takes the reader into the shades of light and dark of human mind, all along stringing them with romance, love and family dynamics.

Come Sundown is the 78th stand-alone book by Nora Roberts, published in May of 2017. The central plot revolves around Bodine "Bo" Longbow - manager of her family resort - and Callen "Cal" Skinner - her childhood crush.

I had bought this book while I was traveling to CA to meet one of my brothers and his family in June of 2017, when I had realized I didn’t carry a book with me on the plane, they were tucked in the luggage that I wouldn’t retrieve until I reach my destination. A quick survey at the book stores in the airport got my attention to the then newest book by Nora Roberts.

Lo! And behold, it was in my hand and I had voraciously read through it during the flight, although had only finished 25% of the book.  But after I returned back from my trip, I never picked the book again until now - Partly may be because I was into 25% of the book and had already guessed who the killer was and partly because the flashback in the plot reminded me so much of her book, The Obsession, which was published a year earlier to this book. 

Anyways, I finally gave the book another shot and thus my review this late. 

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