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March 16th, 2019

For review of all books in this series: Go here.

Stars: 4.5 / 5

Recommendation: Mythology, History and the everlasting theme of good vs evil between Super powers and Gods / Demi-Gods - all packaged into this clever little plot with teenagers again at the helm of saving the worlds.

Gatefather is the third and final book in the Mithermages trilogy written by Orson Scott Card and published in October of 2015. The story picks up where the previous book, The Gate Thief, ended, revolving around Danny North, the Gatefather and Wad, The Gate Thief.

Thinking he had outsmarted the Gate Thief aka Wad, Danny North, the demi-god, hadn't known what he was opening up the worlds - both Earth and Westil - to. Yet in his naivety he ends up inviting the biggest and strongest evil into his life, literally and figuratively, despite Wad's efforts to thwart Danny's plans. Arrogance on both of their parts has now put Earth and Westil on peril. That is where the third book in the series picks up.

With friends turned to foes while family ready to chop off his head; Danny North is in a situation that as a reader I couldn’t fathom a teenager to be in. Being a Gatefather doesn’t necessarily absolve Danny of his mistakes. So now Danny North along with his few drowther friends - humans on earth - starts his next adventure in the series which sends them across a path that just might cause war between worlds; and Danny might just be in the center of everything.

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