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March 14th, 2019

Stars: 3.5 / 5

Recommendation: A thriller with gorier, girttier parts, but metes justice at the end to the monsters causing crimes all over; definitely for a strong heart and mind who can wade through the story-line.

Deliver Us From Evil is the second book in the A. Shaw Series by David Baldacci published in April of 2010. The plot is centered around Shaw and Regina "Reggie" Campion - two covert operatives working for two different independent organizations whose sole purpose is to weed out and hunt down the most notorious criminals and monsters, sometimes hiding under sheep's skins.

A friend of mine loaned me another of David Baldacci book to read; she is the same one who had originally introduced me to Will Robie series by Baldacci. Since I had liked Will Robie series, trusting my friend's judgment on the book again, I picked this one to read as well.

The target is a multi-millionaire Evan Waller who is considered monster, but there was not a thing to prove for any government to take action on him. Both Shaw and Reggie are independently assigned to the case of accosting Evan and making that day his last day on earth. Neither are aware of each other's missions, and yet they strive to achieve their goals.

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