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May 14th, 2018

For review of other books by Richard Castle: Go here

Stars: 3.5 / 5

Recommendation: A quick and easy read for anyone who wants to pick up murder mysteries but want to avoid the gorier and grittier parts.

Brewing Storm is the first book published in May of 2012 by fictional author Richard Castle from the TV series Castle (portrayed by Nathan Fillion) (My review of the TV series here). This forms the first book in a trilogy within the series.

According to the Richard Castle's character bio, after his book Storm Fall in his Derrick Storm series, he had killed the character out of boredom. However his literary friends James Patterson and Stephen J. Cannell suggest that instead of killing Storm he should have retired or crippled so he could bring that character back at a later point of time, in case he had a change of mind.

Keeping in sync with Castle's bio, he resurrects his character Derrick Storm four years after he had finished him off, with this spy thriller Brewing Storm. 

I came across Derrick Storm in the eighth Nikki Heat book High Heat by Richard Castle which was published in October of 2016. (My review of the book here). That book concludes with re-introduction of Derrick Storm who waits for Nikki Heat in her old apartment while she is trying to investigate her mother's fake death. Obviously the ninth book Heat Storm is a crossover between both the series by Richard Castle expanding further on Nikki's murder's fake death.

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