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May 3rd, 2018

Book Critique - Midnight Serenade

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: For those quick reads you are looking for in paranormal romance genre without any sequels or series to go through, this is a perfect book.

Midnight Serenade is a 2001 novella by Ronda Thompson published as part of the anthology After Twilight along with novellas from two other authors - Christine Feehan and Amanda Ashley. The plot revolves around Dr. Rick Donavon - a werewolf and a veterinarian doctor - and Stephanie Shane - researcher on endangered species. 

Rick Donavon, a local veterinarian in the secluded town in the rugged mountains of Montana, is in fact a werewolf - one who is hiding from the world. Stephanie Shane comes to his neck of the woods to study the recent onset of wolves supposed to be a new species. He smells in her his mate even though he doesn’t want to put her into the same situation as he was put when a werewolf had bitten him and converting him to this creature. Yet his animal side bites Stephanie out of defense. Will Stephanie become a werewolf too? How will Rick overcome this curse? What is their fate? That is what follows the rest of the plot of this 114 page short novella.

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