October 25th, 2017


Book Critique – #343: The Mortal Instruments III - City Of Glass

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Stars: 3.5 / 5
My Recommendation: Finally the books and characters start connecting making a lot more sense and giving it a sense of completeness for the reader to enjoy.

As promised I continued with the series and here is my take on the next one.

City of Glass is the third book in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare published in 2009. The novel is set in modern day New York but in an alternate world where humans, vampires, werewolves, magical fey, demons and shadow hunters co-exist. It begins where City of Ashes, the second book in the series, leaves off.

In the second book City of Ashes (My review can be found here), Jace comes under the investigation of Inquisitor Herondale, suspected for being in cohorts with his father, Valentine. Clary is confused and pulled between Jace and Simon even though she knows her love towards Jace is unacceptable. Valentine steals the Soul-Sword, The Maellartach, burns the Bone City of the Silent Brothers, to perform The Ritual of Infernal Conversion. While Simon gets turned to a vampire which puts him in direct line with Valentine. Clary and Jace wake up new powers within them. The book ends with The Inquisitor sharing a riddle with Jace that is more cryptic than he could imagine while Simon becomes a daylighter - a Vampire who can walk in the sun - and Jace accepts his role as brother to Clary breaking her heart again. And now my take on the next book in the series.

After coming to terms with Jace's decision, the one thing that Clary wants to concentrate is in waking up her mother - Jocelyn. For this she heads to Idris – home to all Shadowhunters - to get help from other Shadowhunters. However an unexpected attack on The Institute forces Jace and The Lightwoods to go to Idris via the portal without Clary as planned. An injured Simon gets pulled in through the portal as well. An enraged Clary creates her own portal to enter the Idris and draws Luke in with her. Jace and The Lightwoods come under the sight of The Guard with regards to Simon at Alicante. While Clary and Luke since land elsewhere but closer to Idris, walk on foot to their destination and the person who can help them. Valentine also reaches Alicante in search of the Third Mortal Instrument - The Mirror. The rest of the drama unfolds in Alicante with keeping the reader on edge at every turn of the page.

Cassandra introduces a few more new characters, obviously expected - Sebastian Verlac and his cousin Aline Penhallow and new Inquisitor Aldertree, Amatis. But irrespective of how many characters are involved, Cassandra doesn’t wear off from the traditional formula. As if it wasn’t enough to have two guys being dangled in front of Clary, Cassandra dangles a third one this time around - Sebastian. But once the reader knows who Sebastian evolves to it is surprising that Cassandra even took that route. I would have hoped she avoided it.

Takes a while to figure out why Shadowhunters date young, marry young and give birth to kids young. Once that got through the reader it is easier to accept all those facts that seem too early for normal humans to be involved with.

Very few authors that I read have plot insets about my birth country - India. That’s why it always surprises me when I come across about India in non-Indian author's books. Cassandra has one of the Shadowhunter representing India in this plot.  Super cool.

Somewhere along the way I started liking this series especially after I got deeper into this third book in the series. Reader gets pulled into the life of Jace more than Clary. One could not help but fall in love with Jace - his resilience, his strength and how much he endures in a such a young life is commendable. I still have reservations on Clary as I feel her very impulsive although she demonstrates extreme courage in this plot. Simon turned out to be the one strongest when in comparison to his role in previous plots.

Cassandra kind of gave closure to every character in her plot for this series with this book and even brought back Jace and Clary together, evolved the rest of the characters much better with a fitting battle between good and evil at the end. So it made me wonder what would she have had for three more books in the series. Personally I would have liked it to end here. It took three books for me to like the series. I do hope that when I read the fourth book I will still like the series instead of revolting again.

This is by far the better book so far in the series with elements of mystery, tragedy, love, betrayal and war - all melded together. A very enjoyable read only that you have to survive the first two to get to this.

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