October 4th, 2016


Movie Critique 2016 – 06/08/2016: Smooch

Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a movie review.
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Stars: 3 / 5
Recommendation: A cute movie that charms you, makes you laugh and cry at the same time.

Smooch is a Hallmark TV Movie released in 2011 loosely based on the Brother Grimm's short story The Frog King. In the original story a Prince is turned into a frog by a witch's cruel charm. He must convince a Princess to take him home and treat him like a king. Reluctantly, she does, and on the third day, the Princess awakens to find that her kindness has transformed the frog into a handsome Prince, and the pair lives happily ever after.

However in this movie, Zoe (portrayed by Kiernan Shipka) is a young girl who is obsessed with fairytales - The Frog Prince in particular - and want her widowed mother a perfect prince for valentine's day. Coming home from school one day trying to save a frog from her science class, she chances upon an amnesiac young man dressed in monarchy clothes with webbed feet assuming him to be the frog that turned to a prince.

The rest of the plot shows how Zoe convinces her mother Gwen (portrayed by Kellie Martin) to get him into their home as a Manny with the name Flynn (portrayed by Simon Kassianides) and eventually get her to like him enough to take him on as a valentine's date.

The movie is sweet and reminded me of the fairy tale very much. I always loved Kellie Martin's Mystery Woman Murder Mysteries series. So it was a natural for me to like her in this movie. But Kiernan was the one that captured me the most as Zoe. Certainly a good watch for those dreamy days.

Spoiler Alerts:
1) Zoe read the Frog King tale from a book with the title Blue Moon. Wonder if they are real books, although I didnt find any.

2) The lead actor Simon Kassianides, if you may remember, portrayed the role of Yusef Kabira in Quantum of Solace.
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