August 31st, 2015


Magic In Tunes: 08/30/2015 – Ride Away

Another short trip ended on a very pleasant note and beginnings of a long-term friendship. We had so much fun exploring the town and laughing a lot. Now, looking forward to "Ride Away" into exploring more new places again. Aptly Sung by Roy Orbison in 1965 for his album There Is Only One Roy Orbison. This reached #25 in US Charts that year. The title of the sing is the only reason I picked this song as a road trip song. The real meaning of the song is about a guy riding away from a girl with heart-ache. :)

I first heard this song as a background score for Geico's 2015 Commercial which depicts a free-range chicken going on a road trip. :) It seemed pretty interesting and caught my ear as usual.

Here's the original version of the song:

And the commercial that caught my ear:

Lyrics in English:

Two Wheels A Turnin'
One Girl A Yearnin'
Big Motor Burnin' The Road

I'll Ride The Highway
I'm Going My Way
I'll Leave A Story Untold

Pretty Girls Behind Me But Pretty Girls Are Everywhere
Big Motor Wind Up, Ride Away From Here
Ride Away

She Won't Approve Of Things I Do Or What I Am
And I Don't Really Give A ...... I Understand
But She'll Never See That I'll Never Be
Any One But Me

She Thinks She Needs Me, She Cries For Me
But I Know She's Lying, Crying For Others To See
What Can I Say, I'll Just Ride Away

Big Motor Run Run (Background) Ride Ride Away
Ride On Away From Big Motor Run Run
Heart-Ache And Misery

I'm Bound To Wander
Way Over Yonder
Someone Be Waitin' Just For Me

True Love To Cling To, I Need A Dream To Share
Someone To Know Me, Someone To Show Me They Care

Ride Away, Ride Away
From Tears And Sorrow
Like There's No Tomorrow
Tonight I'll Ride Away