August 18th, 2015


Magic In Tunes: 08/15/2015 – Meme Indians ( = We Are Indians)

Khadgam ( = Sword) is a 2002 hit Telugu Patriotic film that highlights the religious and political rivalry between not just between India and Pakistan but the in-built friendship amongst Hindus and Muslims who live in India. These don’t have anything to do with the rivalry the countries have but get pulled into it affecting their lives and futures. The movie also follows the personal goals of each of the three lead characters interconnecting them in the end with patriotism. This was one movie that left me so heart-wrenched that I have not seen or heard its songs after that until now. It truly is motivating, inspiring and yes, heart-wrenching one. Director Krishna Vamsi hit the nail perfectly deep into everyone’s hearts jarring them to reality. Will the reality be addressed, taken care of? Well, that’s something seen happening occasionally, one step at a time.

On this day of Aug 15th, India celebrated its 68th Independence Day getting freed from British Raaj. Now we look forward to get free from these petty rivalries, religious fanaticism, child / women abusement, dowry / bribery and ever growing caste system. Wishing everyone in my brith country and hoping to be truly free eventually. This song symbolizes every Indian in every way. Sung by Honey and Lyrics penned by Shakthi. Devi Sri Prasad at his best again in composing the Music.

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