July 28th, 2015


Magic In Tunes: 07/22/2015 – Nora Roberts

The first book I read of Nora Roberts was the 2001 book Dance Upon the Air, the first in the Three Sisters Island Series. I found this book some two years after it was written in a yard sale. And I am glad that I had picked that book that day. Cause that one book started my reading frenzy of every book that she had written. Oh except for three books: The Reef written in 1998, Reflections written in 1983 and Dance of Dreams written again in 1983. For some reason I never could get to start these books. I like most of her books but there are some I feel that she hasn’t written upto her mark. Yet, I have them all in my library.

So, when I got a chance to see her in-person at the Romance Writers Association in NYC this day, even though I was tired from my trip (I had arrived back home at 2am the same day from my vacation), I did go to the event to see her and get an autographed version of her book. I did not want to miss the opportunity at all. It was a wonderful moment to talk to her, she was very patient at answering all my questions and gracious enough to take some pictures with me. A moment that I can never forget.

Keeping my ecstacy aside, 8 books written by her have been adapted to screen by Lifetime Movie Channel. Again, some movies I liked and some I didn’t (most often I prefer books to the movie that was made from it). Below is a trailer to give you all a glimpse of her excellent works. There were three other books also adapted to screen but were done outside of Lifetime Movie Channel series. If you get a chance, do pick a book by her and read it. I hope you all will also enjoy them as much as I did.