July 15th, 2015


Magic In Tunes: 07/15/2015 – Dekha Na Haaye Re

Off to a week long trip to visit extended family that I have not seen for quite some time. Although I will be flying, I couldn’t resist to post this melody from the 1972 hit Hindi film Bombay To Goa. Kishore Kumar’s voice shows all the happiness one can feel while traveling to a place you want to see. So also were the antics by Amitabh Bachchan, making everyone in the bus to sing-along and dance. Well, everyone except the lead actress Aruna Irani. :P Music was composed by legendery R. D. Burman and Lyrics penned by Rajendra Krishan.

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Few tidbits about this movie:

1) This movie was the first big break for Amitabh Bachchan that gave him the 10 conitnuous years of stardom after and a successful career that is still going on.
2) Interesting that Aruna Irani got a chance as a lead actress, although she was already casted into item songs or secondary roles by then.
3) One of the song titled “Listen To The Pouring Rain” was sung by Usha Utthup. In the movie she herself sings it in a club and is presented as Usha Iyer. I don’t remember any of her other songs where it was pictured on herself in a movie.
4) This is a medley made up of 5 cover songs - Listen To The Pouring Rain (based on Jose Feliciano's Listen To The Falling Rain), Temptation (original sung by Bing Crosby), I Married A Female Wrestler (a popular Byla song), Fever (original Little Willie John) and It's All Right With Me (original by Cole Porter). Usha Uthup changed the lyrics of the songs to avoid copyright issues.
5) Video and Lyrics for the song in English

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