May 2nd, 2015


Magic In Tunes: 04/26/2015 – Saana Pattu Pattukakunte Vajramaina Adotti Rayi Ra

First race of 2015 was a Relay Half Marathon with a friend. Together we finished it in 2hr 38 minutes, his first time doing a length of 7.2 miles and my healing ankle doing a length of 6 miles. We achieved the finish line way under than what we expected we would finish and we are so proud of it.

I once saw a movie, a while ago, titled Aswini in Telugu which was a biographical sports film based on life of Ashwini Nachappa, one of the fastest runners in India. She had won quite a few medals in different international sports events related to running and jumping. Her movie was released in 1991. One of the song’s first two lines talks about giving 99% perspiration and 1% insipiration in order to achieve a goal. The entire song though has somewhat quirky lines. Looking back perhaps these lines and this movie could have been the initial step that led me to my passion of running now. Who knows!!

Music for this song was composed by M. M. Keeravani, Sung by Chitra and Lyrics penned by Veturi Sundararama Murthy.

PS: There is no video for this song that I could find anywhere unfortunately.

Lines in question in Romanized Telugu:

Saana Pattu Pattukakunte Vajramaina Adotti Rayi Ra
Aanakatta Kattu Leni Yeti Kaina Charitra Ledu Ra


Without Polishing Thoroughly Even A Diamond Would Look Just A Rock
Without A Bridge Even A Flowing River Will Have No History.