April 11th, 2015


Magic In Tunes: 04/08/2015 – Yeh Waqt Ki Hera Pheri Hai

Accidentally while searching for something else, I came across this from the 1976 hit Hindi film Hera Pheri ( = Monkey Business). Never knew about this old one, but there is a new one made in 2000 with the same title. The movie is about two friends involved in conning others while facing their own demons causing rifts in their friendship and familial revenges. Another one of those movies that paired Amitabh and Vinod Khanna together with a string of other actors including the who’s who of the hindi film villians and a plot that takes its own twists and turns. I don’t remember any of the songs, naturally since I never had heard of the movie before, but this one possible could be a hit number. A comic number Sung by Kishore Kumar and Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics penned by Indeewar and Anjaan and Music composed by Kalyanji – Anandji.

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Another song from the same movie that caught my attention was “Barson Purana Yeh Yaraana” Sung by Kishore Kumar. Normally Amitabh Bachchan has songs on friendship in almost all his movies that are cheery, peppy and happy. Rarely do we get to hear about broken friendship. So, here’s that gem again.

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