March 4th, 2015


Magic in Tunes: 03/04/2015 – Saanwli Saloni Teri Jheel / Kaala Sha Kaala

One of my pet peeve is the passion that many of the Indian folk have with Fair colored skin over the tan / nut-brown / dark colored skin. And in many cases this passion crosses the border to insanity. Yet, they fail to realize that a tan / nut-brown skin that we have (that most are born with) is most sought out color in the world. Anyways, this pet peeve is for another topic. But, what I wanted to point out was that there are very few songs that describe a tan-colored girl in Indian movies as well as if they want to avoid it. And then I remembered this song used to enjoy listening to and was pleased to know that someone wrote such beautiful lyrics for a tan-colored skin. Well, the bubble lived short when I had seen the video cause the actress wasn’t tan at all as the song title says – Saanwli means tan-colored in Urdu. So much for the happiness.

From the 1995 Hindi film Hum Sab Chor Hain ( = We All Are Thieves) Sung by Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik. A very peppy melody composed by Bappi Lahiri. I wonder who wrote the Lyrics though. Funny though that the actor is a tad bit darker shade than the actress.

Saanwli (Female) / Saanwre (Male) – Tan-Colored or Nut-Brown colored.
And just to be clear, the word “Saanwli / Saanwre” is not considered negative as much as the word “Kaali (Female) / Kaala (Male) ( = Black) is taken.

Additional tidbits and related songs:

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2) A few years after the above movie was released in comes this indipop queen Annamika (well she used to call herself Anamika and then later changed her name per numerology **Rolling Eyes**) with her remixed versions of old hindi melodies that she had turned into peppy songs (One of the few singers whose remixes I still love to listen to, another topic for another blog post perhaps…;)). One of her song was describing that her lover is a handsome dark guy and she wants to literally kick the butt of all the fair ones. **Giggling**

I have no idea who created the original song or wrote it, but this song had several versions of its own. Here’s Annamika’s version:

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3) As I mentioned that it is a remix version, and I found two previous ones that this song is taking root from. One is from the 1991 Hindi film Aayi Milan Ki Raat ( = The Night of Our Meet Has Come) Sung by Anuradha Paudhwal. Music composed by Anand Milind to the Lyrics penned by Sameer. Not such a great melody but catchy enough due to the Lyrics. These Lyrics are modified quite a bit except for the first two lines of the Chorus.

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4) Here’s the complete song in Punjabi of which Annamika had taken a part of it for her song. Not sure who wrote these lyrics as well or who composed the music. But was Sung by Jasbir Kaur in a typical Punjabi folklore mode. And again I have to take help of my Punjabi friends to get the meaning but it’s a teasing wedding song that the girl sings about her would-be in-laws.

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