February 19th, 2015


Magic in Tunes: 02/18/2015 – Does She Love Me? Positively

I accidentally came across this cute Australian drama series titled “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”. Based on the books written by Kerry Greenwood that were titled “Phryne Fisher historical mysteries”, the series is another period setting one, this time set in the 1920s. What caught me to this seires was the title music, so jazzy and so groovy. And each episode comes with several jazz songs from the 1920s which are superb to listen to. Never thought I would like Jazz so much…always was a fan of Country.

One cannot ressit and be charmed by the free-spirited Miss Phryne Fisher who is much more modern to her period and an independent glamorous detective solving crimes with her pearl-handled golden pistol. To complement her is the Inspector Jack Robinson who is focused on his police work with a moral compass to solve crimes and catch criminals, not to deny is attraction towards Miss Fisher that he constantly keeps in reins.

And the rest of the cast (Miss Dorothy Williams a companion to Miss Fisher, Constable Hugh Collins, Aunt Prudence, Bert, Cec, Mr. Butler, Dr. Mac and Jane) fit perfect in the puzzle to make it a complete picture. I am so looking forward for the third season to start. So, if you want to watch another amateur sleuth who is fun loving and witty along with sharp intelligence, I am sure you will enjoy Miss Fisher in action!!

Now, for the song that made a fan of this series, from the episode “Murder on the Ballant Train” (Season 1 Episode 2). This 1927 number was sung by Harry Reser who was part of the Harry Reser and His Six Jumping Jacks.

Lyrics in English:

Does She Love Me, Positively
Do I Love Her, Absolutely
Positively, Absolutely And How
Is She 50, Positively
Under 50, Absolutely
Positively, Absolutely And Wow

And Was She Hard To Get.
Did I Say No,
And Does She Love To Pet
Oh Oh Oh Ow
Oh Babe, Does She Love Me, Positively
Do I Love Her, Absolutely
Positively, Absolutely And How