January 13th, 2015


Magic in Tunes: 01/12/2015 – Fireball

I had heard this song once on a show and didn’t know the title of the song…only knew that it was Pitbull’s and that there was a tune that he makes like “be be be be be”….and that’s the clue I had given my friend and asked him to find me that song. Imagine his face, oh I know it’s foolish clue…but that’s all I had…**Silly grin**. Oh well, finally I (we) figured out the song thankfully and now I blissfully enjoy it. Turns out that the “be be be be” what I thought is actually “baby baby baby baby baby” in the song. He he he. A very nice dance number that makes one to move and groove. This was sung by PitBull featuring rapper John Ryan released in his 2014 album Globalization.

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