January 3rd, 2015


Magic in Tunes: 01/02/2015 – Saat Samundar Paar Main Tere

This has become an iconic song for many love birds or when needed a bit of teasing between friends since it has been part of the 1992 Hindi movie Vishwatma. The original song was composed by Viju Shah, Lyrics by Anand Bakshi and Sung by Sadhana Sargam. Viswhatma came on to screen with similar story concept and most of the actors as were in the 1987 blockbuster Tridev. However, it did not gain that commercial success or musical success as Tridev. Yet, this song did mark its spot in the history.

Although I remember watching this movie but never remembered the male version of the song until it was played recently on an FM Radio that I follow. I had to dig thru the movie online and search a bit to find it, but indeed there was a little bit of male version of the song (chorus mainly) in the movie pictured on Chunkey Pandey and Gulshan Grover. Both trying to woo the same girl portrayed by Jyotsna Singh. Sung by Udit Narayan and Jolly Mukherjee. Indeed a fun bit.

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Books, Cinema, TV Series – Critique by an Amateur

Books, Movies and a good play on TV are some of the things I spend my leisure time on. These critique posts for 2015 are my take on what I read and watch; sharing it with you all my thoughts. Enjoy this journey as the year passes.


I have always loved reading books mainly dealing with fiction and fantasy. As a child I remember so many nights that I read under the light (street light / moonlight) flowing thru the window by my bed or using a flashlight under the covers of my sheets just because I couldn’t wait for morning to finish the book. It started with Telugu and Hindi books in the beginning and graduated to English. And now it has migrated to a full blown collection of my own, a library of varied talented authors with various subjects.             

Incidentally I have been pulled into a 2015 meme of reading books. 

2015 reading challenge

I thought what best way to continue my passion of reading and also an opportune time to pen my thoughts on each book I read as part of this meme. And I am planning to include other books that I have read that don’t fall under the meme too.

So, watch out this 2015, my loyal readers, about my travels through these amazing words and my view point of the distant places I visited. I have enjoyed and I do hope you all enjoy too.


I rarely watch movies on TV or sit in a sofa and just spend time glued to it. However, I love to watch them in a theater though. Be it as old as something from 1920s or something as late as yesterday, be it in English or one of the Indian languages I understand, I always lose myself in the world beyond the silver screen.

Although there has not been a meme that I was pulled into this time, I still will put in my 2 cents on any movie I watch during this year. Look out for those tit bits as well.

TV Series:

I rather lie down on the sofa with a book or walk to the theater across the street to watch a movie, than get tied down with a series on TV that gets frequently interrupted by commercials. However, once in a while I get hooked to something that plays on TV and actually enjoy it.

You will get to see some of my posts on this as well, if my mind muses it. **Wicked Grin**

Well then, strap your seatbelts and fly along with me in the mysterious worlds on paper, running thru the silver fields on screen and interesting pixels on the little window in my living room. Enjoy the ride that’s going to begin shortly!!! **Cynical smile**

Book Critique 2015 - The Circle Trilogy: Morrigan’s Cross (Book One)

Prologue: Go here.
For review of all books in this series: Go here.

I have read each and every book that has been written by Nora Roberts under her name except a few (as far as my memory serves, four of them). As to why hadn’t read them would be a story for another blog. For now, kicking off my 2015 Book Review blog with the first book in the series “The Circle Trilogy” and here’s my take on the book.


Morrigan, the goddess, recruits or rather summons a crew of six people from various times, worlds and skills to fight against the ancient Vampire Queen – A 12th Century Sorcerer, Hoyt Mac Cionaoith (McKenna), the first of whom the Goddess recruits and transferred to 21st century thru a portal. The Witch, Glenna Ward, from the 21st century on this world. The Scholar, Moira, Princess of Geall from the 21st century another world. The Shape-Shifter, Larkin, brother-kin to Moira from Geall, again 21st century another world. The Warrior, Blair Nola Bridgit Murphy, a demon-hunter from 21st century on this world. And finally, the Vampire, Cian (Cain) Mac Cionaoith (McKenna), Hoyt’s twin-brother who was turned to a vampire in 12th century but now resides in New York city in 21st century on this world. Yes a Vampire fights on the good to beat the Vampires on the bad.

These six first have to a form a circle within themselves, a circle of trust, hope and unity; train to fight the vampires/undead and then finally face the two thousand year old Vampire Queen, Lilith on Samhain. If they come out winning all the worlds, here and now; there and then, will be saved. If not, all hell breaks lose and Lilith reaps them very nicely.

Book 1, Morrigan’s Cross, revolves around how the six gather, learn to understand, tolerate and trust each other while training to fight as well. In the process, they find love – Hoyt and Glenna fall in love – friendship and the purpose of this whole war. As Glenna puts it aptly, “I’m here because if I didn’t fight, if I didn’t try, everything we have and are and know, every one of us, could be lost. Because what’s inside me demands that I be here. And above all, because good needs soldiers against evil.” They are needed, and that is the key they learn and strengthen themselves. The rest I will leave you all to read and know for yourself.

Nora Roberts has once again spun a fantastic trilogy with her words, her imagination and her way of bringing it to life on paper. One can feel the love flowing thru Glenna and Hoyt; the comradeship between Hoyt, Larking and Cian; the despair that Moira feels; the chill that goes thru your spine when you come across Lilith; the deep down sadness for Hoyt when he faces his past; the happiness that frely comes from Larkin and above all the courage seeping thru the six heroes. Its almost like you can see them live in your living room acting scene by scene. I have enjoyed it thoroughly both the visions as well as the words. **Laughing**

And I am looking forward to read the remaining two books from the trilogy as soon as possible. Do pick it up if you get a chance to have the same enjoyment as I did.