December 14th, 2012


Dish-A-Day: 09/25/2012 - Beetroot Salad

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09/25/2012: Beetroot Salad - The final item that I made with the remaining one medium Beetroot is this quick Salad. Well, not so quick, yet quicker I think. :)

09252012 - Beetroot Salad

1) Peel and grate 1 medium Beetroot.
2) In a pressure cooker, cook the grated Beetroot upto one whistle.
3) Once the cooker cools, remove from flame and pour into a mixing bowl.
4) To it add 1 small Onion chopped finely, 1 small Tomato chopped finely, 1/2 tsp Cumin Powder, 1 tsp Lemon Juice, Salt per taste and Sugar per taste.
5) Mix well. Garnish with Cilantro before serving.

Dish-A-Day: 09/29/2012 - Quinoa Upma

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09/29/2012: Quinoa Upma - After a week's sickness I finally could refresh, have shower, clean the house, change sheets and make myself feel a human. However, all that drained away the little energy that I had left. To boost it back up and also not to strain further made this Upma with Quinoa. Serves two purposes: Increases strength with a little of this Upma and also not too much strain to cook. Good thing I made a little more cause when a friend came to see me and check to see how I was doing, I didnt need to make anything else. CW did enjoy it thoroughly, more than me perhaps. :)

09292012 - Quinoa Upma - Sunil came to visit me after my sickness - cooked this for hima nd me...he enjoyed it thoroughly.

1) In a sauce pan boil 1.5 cups of Water. Add 1 cup Quinoa and let it cook till all the water gets absorbed. Keep it aside.
2) In a pan heat 1 tsp Oil. add 1/4 tsp Mustard Seeds and 1/4 tsp Cumin seeds.
3) Once the spices sputter add 2 medium Green Chili chopped and 1 small Onion chopped. Fry till the Onions are translucent.
4) Add 1/4 cup Frozen Vegetables (Peas, Corn, Carrot and Beans) and 1 small Tomato chopped. Fry a little.
5) Add Salt per taste and a pinch of Turmeric. Cook on medium flame till all veggies are cooked well.
6) Add the cooked Quinoa, stir and simmer for a few minutes.
7) Remove from flame. Serve hot with Pickle or Chutney.