December 10th, 2012


Dish-A-Day: 09/16/2012 - Fresh Dates

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09/16/2012: Fresh Dates - Found them in the usual grocery store that I go to one day. First I had no idea what to do with them. But then I thought why not try to see what I can do with them, so bought a small bunch. After browsing thru internet as well as talking to a few friends, I decided to simply boil them and eat them. **evil grin**

09162012 - Fresh Dates

1) Peel the dates gently so you remove only the top most layer.
2) Boil them in Water until they change color or become semi-transparent.
3) Cut into half and remove the pit
4) Slice the halves to thin vertical pieces.
5) Eat them as is or use them to garnish on any dishes you make.