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Cooking talk, Fatty foods...all turned into Rasmalai!!!

"Wow! Your cart has only full-fat milk and cheese this time. That was the first time I ever saw you buy those in a long time. What's the occasion? Celebrating?"

This is what I was asked by my regular cashier, Joanna, at the grocery store that I go to on Friday. It surprised me that she remembered me so well but kind of freaked me when I felt that she observed me so closely as to what I shop and what I don't. But, again that is the store I have been going for past three years and the same time usually. So, it's not hard to miss me. Well, coming back to the comment, yes, this was the first time my cart had only fat-filled substances as opposed to any other time. And the reason, due to a conversation I had with my friend Lalitha earlier last week.

Lalitha was having guests this past weekend and she was asking me if there was any other easy sweet that she could make other than Gulab Jamoon and Kesari Bath or Kheer this time, just for a change. "Sure, why not try Rasmalai?", I said. She was surprised, "Rasmalai? and easy? Are you kidding?" I answered, "No! It is pretty easy. This is how you do it..." and I went on to explain how to do it. She was thrilled about it and did infact make it for the guests too. However, all the talk about Rasmalai got me a craving to make to, which I had not done in two years at least. So, the result, I made Rasmalai on Friday. It turned out real yummy!

Now, I want to share the same here (I am sure most of you have done this before!).


Ricotta Cheese - one small box
Half-and-Half Milk - one pint
Sugar - 1 1/4 cup
Cardamoms - a few coarsely ground
Almonds - pieced into smaller bits
Pistaccio - pieced into smaller bits


1) First mix Ricotta Cheese and 1/4 cup Sugar in a bowl either with a blender or flat spoon into a paste.
2) I used Muffin Pan, but you could use any Baking Tray. If using Muffin Pan, put two teaspoons full of the mixture above into each cup. If using a Baking Tray, spread it out like cake batter into the tray. Do not forget to smear some butter at the bottom of the pan, whichever you use.

3) Now bake on 350 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes or until it is done. You can use a toothpick to see if it is done or not. If the batter does not stick to toohpick, it is done. Also be cautious that the cheese does not turn brown. (Mine did though!).

4) While the Cheese is baking, make the syrup, place Half-and-Half milk in a pot on the stove. Leave it for 5 mins. Then add 1 cup Sugar and ground Cardamoms into the milk. Mix well, leave for another 10 mins and remove from stove. Let it cool to room temperature.

5) Once the Cheese is done, remove them from oven. Let it cool a little before removing from the pans. If you use Muffin Pan, remove them either using your fingers or a teaspoon. If you use a Baking Tray, cut into small squares.

6) Add these Cheese pieces to the milk above. Now add garnishings of Almonds and Pistaccio. (I could not find unlasted or raw Pistaccio anywhere here, so had used only Almonds!) Let it chill in fridge for two or three hours.

7) Serve in small dessert cups. Best-served when chilled. Add more garnishings if needed.

Enjoy the recipe!!

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