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Tiramisu Cake

There are several recipes out there to make a Tiramisu cake. However, this one was the easiest that I found. I had made Tiramisu for last Christmas at our office party and again made it a few weeks ago for a Baby Shower Potluck at work, again! Since it came really well both the times, I thought of sharing the recipe that tried here.

Before going to the recipe, here's the cake.

And a layer that I filled in a bowl.

Now for the recipe:


1) Mascarpone Cheese - 1lb
2) Sugar - 3/4 cup
3) Egg Yolks - 8 Large if possible.
4) Sweet Wine - 1/2 cup
5) Espresso / Strong Black Coffee - 2 cups
6) Ladyfingers - 9oz - I used two packets of 9oz each.
7) Unsweetened Cocoa - 1 TBS


1) First beat the Mascarpone Cheese in a small bowl with a fork. Keep it aside.
2) Place a large bowl over a pot/bowl of boiling water.
3) On medium high, beat sugar and yolk in the bowl till the mixture gets blended well, still leaving it on the boling water pot.
4) Add wine slowly, mixing the entire contents without splashing. Leave it on the boiling water pot with continuous stirring until the mixture thickens. Mixture should slightly scrape to the sides of the bowl. Usually takes around 15 mins for the entire mixture to thicken.
5) Remove the bowl from the heat and continue to beat the mixture for 1 more minute.
6) Add the Cheese that was beaten and set aside earlier to this mixture. Beat it till it blends enough. Keep it aside.
7) Pour one cup of Espresso into a shallow bowl that would be enough to hold the LadyFinger. Add water and blend it into thick decoction.
8) Quickly dip the LadyFinger with the rounded top-side, horizontally into this mixture. Lay only top half so the LadyFinger does not fall apart. Add more coffee if needed.
9) Place the dipped LadyFingers into a Glass / Ceramic Flat Pan in one layer.
10) Pour half of the beaten mixture over the LadyFingers and spread it.
11) Dip the rest of the LadyFingers in the Espresso and form a seocond layer on the mixture.
12) Pour the remaining mixture over the LadyFingers and spread it evenly.
13) Sprinkle the Cocoa powder over the Tiramisu evenly using a strainer.
14) Cover and refrigerate for at least 10 hours before serving.
15) Serve chilled with Wafer Crumbs.
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