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Nine Lives: A Series of Short Stories - Complete Set!

Finally, completed all the Nine Stories for the Nine Lives Series that I started a few weeks ago, inspired by the Nine Oracles meme that went around. Check out all the stories here or click on the each item below to go to a specific story.

1) Love - Reaching For Love
2) Envy - Stand Alone By Envy!
3) Friendship - A Friend Indeed!
4) Betrayal - Motherly Monster
5) Hope - Light At The End Of The Tunnel
6) Lust - Afternoon Pleasure
7) Remorse - All That Glitters Is Not Gold
8) Greed - Ask For Only What Your Share Is
9) Conclusion - Whirlpool Of Virtues

Writing this Series of Stories gave me a thought to write another series of stories. I am still in the process of plotting as to what should I base this series primarily on. Hopefully, will zero in on it soon and post the first story of the next series sometime this week!

Enjoy and Read Along!
Tags: nine lives, nine oracles, story, story series

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