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Nine Precious Oracle Moments!

Just the way the day went yesterday, made me write this. After writing it, realized that it indeed could be another Oracle poem, just like my last one, My Nine Things About Oracles.

elisem one more bead for the chain of nine things about oracles.

Nine Precious Oracle Moments!

Never ever was I given, moments in a single day;
First off, warm sunshine peeking on to my bed.
Second, tunes from XMRadio, lovable melody
Making my drive to work happy.

Third, Rosie graduates, Yay!, finally!
Her hardowrk pays off, and we party.
Fourth, applause at work, made my day.
Oh! Yeah! A reason to splurge too.

Fifth, pitter patter, titter tatter
Rain! Maiden showers of this season.
Sixth, fabulous workout, achy muscles now.
Yet, a healthy way to de-stress.

Seventh, Aaaahmazing soak in lavendar
Bubble bath, Refreshing my mind, soul.
Eight, What better way to close the day
But with a yummilicious dinner, Slurp!

Ninth, Last but not the least, sleep
Beauty sleep, floating into my dreamland!
Aah! What day 'twas, yesterday, memories
Moments, filling my heart and soul to the brim.
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