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My Nine Things About Oracles!!!!

Inspired by several posts about the Nine Things About Oracles, shared so graciously by elisem and grouped together by asakiyume here, I am posting about my Nine Things About Oracles, Nine Things that are dear to me, almost like Nine unique Oracles in my life; all mentioned in the order they are important to me.

One: Family
Always there for me; so am I, always there for them;
Without whom, would I reach happiness to the brim?

Two: Music
Notes, Tunes - the magical strings of fusion, rhythm;
Lost in those melodies, even if it just chants an Om!

Three: Drawing
Pencil N' Colors bring life to dreams, wishes, fantasies;
{C}Well, sometimes even my sillies, more like funny idiocies.
Four: Cooking
Aroma of Spices, floating on veggies, meat - Yum Yummy!
{C}A wonderful way to de-stress; pleasing growl of tummy.
Five: Writing
Amazing! how a quill can flow the river of thoughts;
{C}Spin them into stories, poems - any / all sights!
Six: Reading
Romance, Murder, Mystery, Fiction - Main Choices
{C}Pick I to read; enjoy would I - browsing all classes.
Seven: Workout Obsession
Oh My! what an obsession, do I have to reduce;
{C}I could do anything to stop my overproduce.
Eight: New passions
New passions budding in me - Photography for one;
{C}Plants being second, wonder what is the next zone!
Nine: Laugh N' Smile
Last but not the least; crack here a smile;
bounce there a laugh, forget pain awhile!

Tags: nine oracles, poems

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