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Pichla | Agla

Never knew that there is  a day dedicated just to this sweet treat Rasagulla. Apparently the Indian state of Odisha (Orissa) celebrated the 30th of July as a Rasagulla Day. If I were doing a cooking blog I would have prepared the sweet at home and posted. Instead here’s a sweet melody by Elvis Presley in honor of this day, indeed its filled with sweets from Cotton Candy Land. **Wicked Grin**. From the 1963 American musical film It Happened At The World’s Fair, Sung by Elvis himself in the movie. The Lyrics were written by Ruth Bachelor and Bob Roberts.

The song reminds me of Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory movie, the book that the movie was based on was released the year after the Elvis movie was released. But the movie was made almost 7 years later and some 31 years later remade again into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A post for another day definitely, but this song is so apt for that movie too.

Lyrics in English:

Sandman's Comin', Yes He's Comin'
To Sprinkle You With Sand
He'll Say "One, Two, Three"
And You'll Be, In Cotton Candy Land

Sandman's Comin', Yes He's Comin'
He'll Take You, By The Hand
And You'll Ride Upon, A Big White Swan
In Cotton Candy Land

You And The Swan Will Float Upon
A Cloud Of Pink Ice Cream
Where Every Star Is A Candy Bar
And The Moon Is A Marshmallow Dream

Sandman's Comin', Yes He's Comin'
Take His Magic Hand
Now Goodnight...Now Sleep Tight
In Cotton Candy Land

In Cotton Candy Land

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